Introducing the Sogeti Life Sciences Director Xavier de Bustos

Introducing the Sogeti Life Sciences Director Xavier de Bustos

We’ve been busy lately here at Sogeti Ireland. Adding to our already busy portfolios in IT, we’re expanding into the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, and hiring new consultants with a huge variety of skills and backgrounds.

Sogeti is known for leading innovation, and our life sciences team will be no exception.

As this is a new department, we’d like to take a moment to introduce some of the key players on the team - starting with the department director Xavier de Bustos.

Xavier considers himself an unlikely addition to the life sciences world, with a background in politics, history and law and  admits that he sort of fell into the industry by accident. 

Naturally curious, Xavier’s main focus as a consultant is on innovation. He likes to get to a product or process’s central value, examine it closely, and then find a way to improve its function. Over time his career focus narrowed to the life sciences industry, where cutting-edge advances are being made every day.

Xavier is acutely aware that the delivery methods and processes for these often life-saving devices need to be constantly reinvented in order to stay competitive in a changing market, and as a consultant, this is what he strives to bring to the table.

At the end of the day, you’re a part of teams that are creating products that change the lives of people all over the world. It’s incredibly meaningful work.” And being involved in this change is what drives Xavier to continue to grow and build teams in the field.

Xavier's team is growing, and 2021 is going to be a year of expansion for the Sogeti Life Sciences team. He's hoping to triple the number of consultants currently working with him, and the team are already working on some really innovative projects. 

If you are interested in finding out more you can email us or check out our available roles here

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