Jorge is passionate about all things digital especially when its comes to SharePoint. Its taken him on many the client adventure from Disneyland to Japan Tobacco and back.

Jorge Use three words to describe yourself: Passionate, loyal and a team player. 

Tell us a bit about your background: I started my career in 2007 as a .Net developer and had my first professional experience in a project management office implementing SharePoint. During that period of time I realised that SharePoint would be a tool that could give me a lot of opportunities during my career. I went on to work with that tool in the most random locations such as Disney and Japan Tobacco International (my last client in Madrid). SharePoint is not my only technology however I have been working with other technologies too such as.Net, Java, Silverlight, WPF and many others – too many to mention. 

My career at Sogeti: I started my career with Sogeti in Ireland. I was looking for an opportunity for long time that would take me to the UK, but in the end Dublin was a better option for me. I had another offers from other companies but I always wanted to land a job in a multinational company such as Sogeti. Sogeti has allowed me to exponentially grow my career in the last 2 years, they trusted my capabilities even with English not being my native language. In the last 2 years I have been involved in SharePoint, .Net and Cloud projects. I even got involved in the creation of the tenders which allowed me to improve my team work skills too.

What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise? I love my job and not many people can say that! I don’t have any problem with going home in the evening and learning new things or preparing a POC for a new client or a demo. I don’t have any specific area that I could say, yes this is my favourite, I think you have to wake up every morning and feel that you can do the things that you are doing forever. On the other hand I don’t think people should focus on one specific area, I think you have to adapt to this changing digital world.

What is a typical workday like for you? I am working across to multiple projects at the moment, so I have my own tasks in an application and they are ordered by priority. Every day I have stand up meetings with different people from my team to review all of the different tasks associated with the projects they are involved in, if I can help them with anything or if they have any suggestions we explore and discuss. I am in constant conversations with my manager and colleagues to plan new projects or opportunities. Sometimes I am involved in new proposals, creation of POC or demos if there is a gap between projects. I prepare and study for certifications and courses using our Capgemini University online platform. 

Why have you chosen to work at Sogeti? I like the philosophy of a multinational company, but with the size of Sogeti Ireland, which allows you to have a word with the CEO without any problem. Everybody in Sogeti Ireland is approachable and you can express your ideas, dreams or concerns without any problem, this would be a lot more difficult to do in a bigger environment. Furthermore, in a multinational company such as Sogeti it’s easier to get more involved in bigger projects in combination with another Sogeti worldwide branches. There is of course our amazing university, Les Fountains, here you have access to multiple people and professionals from around the world who can help you with any specific need or project with a really valuable network. If you want innovative technology projects, to work for a multinational, to know new people around the world while at the same time being considered as part of a small community where everybody knows everybody else, Sogeti is the place to be. 


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    Jorge Alvarez Rodriguez
    Head of Productivity & Digital Workplace
    +353 87 630 4527
About Jorge

Name: Jorge Alvarez Rodriguez

Title: Head of Productivity & Digital Workplace

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Family: Wife

Hobbies: Video Games, Soccer and all team sports, travelling, food and the experience of learning new cultures, customs and languages.

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