Dream Big and Work Hard

Multi talented Tobe is focused on his career goals and aspirations while also pushing himself to new limits.

TobeUse three words to describe yourself: Enthusiastic, passionate and resilient individual.

Tell us a bit about your background: Since I was a teenager, technology has always been my passion. I still remember the delight on my face after I created my first hello world webpage. I saw an endless wave of exciting opportunities to which I could use technology as a medium to make people’s lives better. I moved to Europe to pursue a career in software engineering. My educational journey began when I obtained BSC in Hungary and continued in Ireland where I gained my masters in Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Currently I am working in the Business Intelligence space within Sogeti.

My career at Sogeti: Based on my career goals and aspirations I strategically aligned myself with the Business intelligence team at Sogeti. I came in as part of the graduate program. By working with a high caliber of talent within the team I have gathered strong knowledge across different technologies including data visualization/analytics, data integrations solutions and database technologies. My work primarily focuses on providing clients with solutions across these different areas to enable them have a constructive view of their business and processes.

What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise? For me, it would be Technology and Data. I feel data is gold in this new era, and making use of the different innovative technological tools to collect and structure data, gives us access to knowledge and stories that we would be blind without. I also feel data analytics and data insight gives any company or entity an edge over its competitors. The world is becoming data driven with the introduction new IOT technologies, a person cannot afford to be left behind in the data dark age.

What is a typical workday like for you? At Sogeti, each day is different and interesting. When at the office I always try something new, either an internal project, knowledge sharing activities or learning new technical skills. The work environment is very open which encourages cross discipline collaboration and enhances transparency within the company. When on client side it is always a good feeling representing the company as a technical expert in my field. These opportunities allow me test my skills and competencies to evaluate areas where I feel I may need to improve.  

Why have you chosen to work at Sogeti? Sogeti is built on the pillars of 7 core values: Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun which resonates through the company and its employees. Our clients feel very connected to us because of our values and that gives us great satisfaction in our line of work.

On a personal level, self-development has always been key for me in every aspect of life. I always like to be aware of areas where I need to improve as well as new areas to explore. Sogeti is the type of company that encourages self-development, team collaboration and shared knowledge. This creates positive growth at both individual and organization level, putting its people at the heart of its business. This is why I work for Sogeti.

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    Tobe Ezeife
    BI Consultant
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About Tobe

Name: Tobe Ezeife

Title: BI Consultant

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Hobbies: Cooking, Football, Travelling and video games. 

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