#addher (formerly known as winIT) is a network for IT women, initiated and operated by the Sogeti. Only one in five people in the IT industry are women. Those who are active need to be more visible both to attract more women, partly to take place in all roles and positions. #addher is one of our concrete initiatives to bring about a positive change.

"There are no women in the IT industry ..." or "They do not have sufficient expertise to ...". We insist the opposite and believe in concrete actions to respond to this kind of falsehoods. We know that a good balance between the proportion of men and women in our business is everything. Through the years, we have invested heavily in concrete women-oriented initiatives.

Since 2010, we have engaged the external network winIT, with the goal to get our amazing IT women to take place, in all roles, and to attract more women to the industry. The network has grown exponentially and is now Sweden's biggest network for women in the IT industry, with over 3500 members in 14 locations . Now winIT been taken to the next level and this exposes us by renaming the #addher. We go from inspiration to a clearer focus on the action.


By changing the name to #addher we encourage everyone - both our own members as industry friends - to make visible their female colleagues with the hashtag #addher in social media. We collect them easily visible to those who need tips on talented women to their event, project or network - or perhaps its board and management team. Obviously, we also continue to organize meetings for our members.

Here we visualize IT women

In social media, all, men and women, contribute to the visibility of the IT women:  #addher Ireland on LinkedIn

Do you have a recommendation? why not add them to the network? Let's grow this together! 

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Join today and receive many valuable and new contacts! Through our local Facebook groups or by direct contact your local # addher driver, you can easily sign up and ensure that you get invited to future meetings.

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