Meet the future

Seventeen of our top young professionals from across the Sogeti world join with our top management to deliver Sogeti's "Meet the Future" initiative. 

The world of IT is moving fast and imposing drastic changes to the way business is evolving. Core to this is ensuring you retain and engage innovative and dedicated employees.

A business should never stand still and nor should the dvelopment of Sogeti employess who are the key assset in driving Sogeti today and into tomorrow. With the rollout of larger more exciting, complex projects, it is imperative that the highly skilled staff of Sogteti have the tools and knowledge to propel forward.

In our "Meet the Future" initiative we aim to:

  • Create cohesive communication that provides a forum for innovation and agility.
  • Understand how to adapt to a business-critical digital revolution - from the bottom up to the top down.
  • Capture first-hand input from our most talented digital-native employees from graduate to executive level.  
  • Engage, retain and grow the talents of today and our leaders of tomorrow.

We strongly believe in this 'Meet the Future' initiative since it is a meeting of minds, where our top management gets inspired and share insights with our talents of today and leaders of tomorrow.

"At Sogeti, we are passionate people and all participants have committed to this initiative to 130%. This is an inspiring on-going project and the participant are meeting on a regular basis working on chosen topics such as Management & Personal Development and Innovation & Clients, creating the future Sogeti together", commented Lucile Leclercq, project manager for the initiative.

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