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Women@CapgeminiWomen@Capgemini is a global program adopted in 2012, and supported by our Chairman and Group CEO, Paul Hermelin, to set the overarching guidelines around gender diversity across the Group.

It encapsulates all initiatives that have been set up in our business units around the world and it helps the regions that didn’t have a program to set one. It also allows to share best practices put in place in the local programs.

It is based on the fundamental principle of “equal opportunities, equal chances”.

This program is destined to leverage all talents in the organization, to deliver better results to our clients, partners, shareholders and employees.

What is our program?

The program is articulated around 4 pillars:

  • The recruitment;
  • The development;
  • The retention of women
  • The change of corporate mentality


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Why Women@Capgemini?

  • It is a business imperative, as gender diversity is proven to accelerate business – we want to provide the best talents to our clients, partners and shareholders. We must mirror their ecosystems if we do not want to lose business.
  • It brings innovation and value.
  • It creates a more balanced and inclusive environment.
  • It contributes to strengthen our DNA.
  • It improves our employees’ commitment.
  • It fosters collaboration between employees: it enables to break the walls between our service lines and our geographies since all of them mobilized their energies around this topic.
  • It is a key factor to attract and retain the right talent.

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