EPiServer Partnership

Sogeti is positioned at the highest partner level with EPiServer to create and execute the digital solutions of tomorrow. Our sector expertise and solution integration capability complements EPiServer and the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud for a client-driven approach.

EPiServer is positioned as a leader in web content management and is recognised by customers as providing a 'leading .NET CMS designed for the future of Web Content Management (WCM) in the age of digital business,' according to Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for WCM.

At Sogeti we have reached the EPiServer global partner level which means all the added benefits for our clients. 

Creating Valuable Digital Experiences

Together with EpiServer we love it when you think fast, and act even faster. Todays business opportunities can appear and change in an instant. You need to be able to react quickly and effectively. EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ is a .NET CMS and E-commerce platform. It includes all the tools you need to easily Manage Content, optimise Digital Marketing, and deliver a friction-free E-commerce experience.

3 key strengths

Our EPiServer solutions provides you with powerful and easy-to-use tools:

1. Manage Content with ease

  • Create content for mobile, desktop and everything in-between.
  • One unified interface for authoring, layout and asset management.
  • Team collaboration and project management tools.

2. Powerful Marketing tools

  • Segment and personalise all content – from entire pages to individual words.
  • Drive organic and social traffic with automatic landing pages and social publishing.
  • Make smarter decisions with on-page analytics and cross-channel dashboards.

3. Closed-loop digital commerce

  • Manage and personalise all of your products and content in the same place.
  • Increase sales with personalised content marketing and product recommendations.
  • Quickly connect to backend systems with a powerful and concise developer API.
  • As experts on EPiServer we help implement powerful solutions strengthening your business and competiveness.
  • Learn more about our Digital portfolio.
  • Learn more about Episerver.

Episerver in figures

  • A platform for more than 30,000 websites worldwide
  • Supports more than 250,000 web editors
  • A strong community of more than 25,000 engaged developers
  • Helping more than 8,800 clients in 30 countries

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