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Be ready for a changing digital world with the latest Microsoft solutions

You want to innovate and grow at the same time, and that requires a digitally ready organisation. Sogeti can help create a seamless experience for customers and employees alike. Using the latest Microsoft solutions such as Azure, Office365, Xamarin, and SharePoint we can speed up your digital transformation journey.

As a Managed Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft, we offer our clients a unique set of advantages with a presence in over 35 countries, and on 5 continents supported by 24,000 Microsoft skilled professionals with Accelerated Delivery Centres and Rightshore® Delivery options.

Sogeti is an award winning company both globally and nationally. You can find a full list of our award winning skills here.

Microsoft Alliance Awards

We are currently one of a handful of Microsoft partners to have achieved gold competencies in Microsoft Cloud Center of Excellence in Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Cloud Productivity, Gold Customer Relationship Management and Gold Datacentre. Achieving these competencies demonstrates Capgemini’s enterprise grade expertise, commitment, and the ability to deliver Microsoft Cloud solutions.


Smart Workspace – Your employees can work quickly and efficiently with online applications such as Office 365, Mobile applications and SharePoint Online because they are available whenever and wherever they need them. This will lead to higher employee satisfaction, and higher employee productivity. Your IT department also benefits thanks to your applications always being up to date, lowering your infrastructure and maintenance cost.

Enterprise Content Management – Capturing, managing, and distributing content takes up a significant amount of time for an organisation. What if you could speed this up while increasing the security and compliance around your documents? Visit our Enterprise Content Management page to see how your organisation can benefit from using SharePoint to transform your content processes. 

DevOps – The best solutions in the world won’t help if you can’t get them in front of your users. Sogeti has to ability to help you drive adoption of modern DevOps practices and Azure Cloud technologies. Visit our DevOps page to see what DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous development can mean for your organisation.

Sogeti OneShare – What if you could harness the power of the Microsoft Azure platform and enhance it with a robust self-service portal where developers and testers can set up their own desktops, development tools, and environments? Sogeti OneShare is a one stop solution for your entire software development lifecycle with a pay-per-use model so that you no longer have to spend money on an infrastructure that sits idle 60% of the time.

Cloud Transformation - By moving your applications such as your email program, ERP system, and client applications to the cloud, you pay only for the capacity and infrastructure you actually use. And when your landscape or needs change, you always have enough resources to expand your application environment without major investments. This creates the conditions for flexibility and growth within your IT landscape. Read how Cloud Application Transformation can increase the user value of your applications.

Internet of Things - Do you want to further shape your Internet or Things strategy? Our Microsoft professionals will be happy to help you and inspire you in the technical realization of your ideas. For more information, visit the Internet of Things page.

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