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At Sogeti Ireland we work closely with our clients to design, develop and deploy adaptable digital solutions that address the unique needs of our client's business and industry.

Local Touch - Global Reach  

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Capgemini Group, we have access to a wealth of global expertise to provide client-driven solutions with a local delivery presence. 

We deliver practical and innovative solutions, built on more than 40 years of global experience. Independently recognised as world leaders in Digital Assurance & Testing, Sogeti provides thought leadership, leading practice, methodology and tools to increase quality, reduce time to market and reduce cost for organisations across all sectors. 

We offer a complete digital service portfolio to our clients in Ireland and have one of the largest specialist practices in the country.

Key solutions   

Our ability to provide agile and specialist mobility services linked with our testing expertise enables us to provide truly innovative solutions to our clients. Local Touch - Global Reach is not just a tag-line, it is inherent in how we deliver optimum service with time and cost saving and without compromising on quality. 

Sogeti is committed to innovative solutions and we are an acknowledged thought leader in the field of testing and quality management, most clearly demonstrated by the large number of specialist publications we have written on testing and QA for the practitioner and theoretician alike. You can browse our online library of publications here. 

CEO James Govan 

James has been in his present position as CEO for Sogeti Ireland since September 2013. A performance and results-driven senior management professional he brings with him extensive experience in business consulting, sales and growing profitable business units.

His role is to predominantly grow Sogeti in Ireland, delivering globally leading service lines to the Irish market. His focus is to drive this expansion through the development and growth of our Irish based consultants, while leveraging our significant Rightshore capabilities across the group. Developing our services and capability is a key objective over the coming years, building on our existing market leading skills and solutions.

He is currently resident in Ireland though has extensive international experience having worked in a variety of countries including UK, Europe and the United States.

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