Sogeti Ireland wins culture and inclusion award at CIO & IT Leaders Awards

At Sogeti, we are deeply committed to leveraging technology to foster inclusivity and create positive societal impact. Our recent collaboration with Connections Arts Centre (CAC) is a testament to this commitment.

We are thrilled to announce that Sogeti Ireland has been honored with the Best Contribution to Culture and Inclusion in ICT Award at the 3rd annual CIO & IT Leaders Awards. This incredible recognition celebrates our innovative partnership with Connections Arts Centre (CAC) and our joint efforts to foster a more inclusive culture within the ICT industry and beyond.

Connections Arts Centre is a true beacon of inclusivity, offering arts, lifestyle, and community education programs that promote inclusion, bridge educational gaps, and counteract devaluation for people with disabilities. Our collaboration with CAC has focused on leveraging technology to support their mission of empowerment and inclusion.


Working with Connections Arts Centre we identified 3 key focus areas for the initial stage of the project:

Key initiatives:

  1. Website accessibility upgrade - We upgraded the CAC website to align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 4.0, ensuring it is welcoming and accessible to all users. This enhancement underscores our commitment to bridging the digital divide.
  2. Educational program development - The Creative TY Connections program, supported by Sogeti, delivers modules on digital literacy, money management, and employment skills tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities. This initiative has significantly improved participants' interpersonal, social, digital, and life skills.
  3. Financial system implementation - We implemented a comprehensive financial system for CAC, streamlining their accounting processes, providing real-time financial data, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Measurable impact

Our partnership with CAC has yielded substantial improvements in culture and inclusion within the ICT sector. Key outcomes include:

  • Enhanced accessibility: The redesigned CAC website, compliant with WCAG 4.0 guidelines, has made educational content more accessible to a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities.
  • Empowerment through education: The Creative TY Connections program has empowered participants by enhancing their life, financial, and digital literacy skills.
  • Community engagement: CAC’s website serves as a platform to celebrate artists with intellectual disabilities, including a pioneering exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy, viewed by nearly 20,000 people, and gaining significant media attention.

A vision for the future

Our work with CAC exemplifies how responsible tech can create a more equitable world. Sogeti remains committed to leveraging technology for social good, contributing to a more inclusive and accessible educational landscape.

To learn more about Connections Arts Centre and their programs, visit Connections Art Centre.

Sogeti Ireland continues to strive towards innovation and inclusivity in the ICT industry, highlighting how collaborative efforts can yield tangible benefits for marginalized communities. We are proud to support initiatives that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the National Digital Inclusion Policy, reinforcing our commitment to creating a more inclusive society.