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Onshore and offshore sourcing and test standardization reduces test effort

Sogeti tests a new management information system for ING.


ING REIM had initiated an internal program, VIRES, to improve the efficiency and reliability of their internal management information exchange and turned to Sogeti, an existing trusted provider of testing services.


Sogeti’s solution was based on its Managed Testing Service and adopted a Rightshore® approach i.e. a combination of onshore and offshore resources. There was an onsite test manager in the Netherlands, supported by a team of Sogeti resources based offshore in India. The test was prepared in India, based on the available test bases, together with the development of the necessary test scripts. Then a team in the Netherlands (made up of both Indian and Dutch resources) executed the tests at the client’s location.


Through the Rightshore® combination of onshore and offshore sourcing, Sogeti achieved a 50% reduction in test effort, primarily through taking maximum advantage of the standardization of the tests.

ING REIM Program Manager Kitty de Haan commented: “I knew Sogeti to be a professional test service provider, and the structured approach to testing and the test results gave us good insight into the quality of the various software components. The solution with a test manager onsite and Indian testers, initially in the Netherlands and later in India, worked excellently.

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