Improved quality of deliverables and cost savings

Sogeti provides Managed Testing Servives for large American pharmaceutical company


Client uses an application called RightSourceRx, their Pharmacy Benefit manager (PBM) for mail service prescriptions. Their system was difficult to use, difficult to customize and client was not able to scale up with increase in project capacity. The client wished to migrate to an advanced application, Net Health Solution’s ePostRx, which was more flexible, customizable and scalable. The client technical teams needed support and guidance on their way ahead to maintain product quality.


During the Managed Testing Services implementation, Sogeti used proprietary approaches for Tmap, and used in house processes as like Issue Register, Review Process, Metrics etc. Knowledge Sharing and Brainstorming Sessions. One Team assessment audits improved onshore–offshore relations. We had already conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) done for test automation. Constant monitoring was done of the project using Cost, Quality and Time Tool.


The  processes set by Sogeti and structured TMAP approach used, improved the quality of deliverables by 95% along with maintaining balance of cost and time. While 73% of test cases were automated, this led to savings of 320 hours per automated test iteration.

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