Nespresso blends operational efficiency with Power Apps

Nespresso, in partnership with Sogeti, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its operational efficiency and redefine its customer experience.

Tech Infused change

Nespresso's recipe to service efficiency with Power Apps

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Tech Infused change

Nespresso's recipe to service efficiency with Power Apps

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Client: Nestlé Nespresso S.A.
Region: France
Industry: Consumer Products
Offer: Microsoft Power Platform

Nespresso's recipe to service efficiency with Power Apps

Nespresso S.A., a Nestlé Group company, is a global brand which has revolutionized the consumer coffee experience with its innovative products, eye-catching marketing campaigns, and boutique stores.

For many years it has stood as a beacon of sophistication and quality in the coffee industry, yet at the heart of Nespresso's ethos lies its commitment to provide not just the finest coffee but an unrivaled customer experience.

It is this dedication that fueled Nespresso's ambition to enhance its service management, ensuring that every touchpoint reflects the premium essence of the Nespresso brand.

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Call for Tech Infused Change

Nespresso's mission was clear — to enhance their after-sales service management through a service toolkit application using Microsoft Power Apps. The challenge was to simplify intricate processes, from customer request handling to seamless information flow and data synchronization with the ERP system.

Lastly, Nespresso needed a partner who could deliver such transformative change, and in 2021, a pivotal collaboration with Sogeti began. This marked a strategic move to streamline processes, simplify customer interactions, and fortify Nespresso's position of excellence in the coffee industry.

Crafting the perfect collaboration

Nespresso's after-sales service, powered by the efficient Power App solution, not only helps technicians track and resolve coffee machine breakdowns swiftly but also generates reports on resolution times. This process builds a knowledge base for future breakdowns, ensuring a quick and easy identification of issues.

Sogeti's journey with Nespresso was collaborative and comprehensive:

  • Governance Implementation: Sogeti supported the implementation and deployment of Power Platform.
  • Expertise and Architectural Prowess: Ensuring the project's success with architectural finesse and adept project management.
  • Agile Collaboration: An Agile Sogeti team collaborated directly with Nespresso teams.
  • Tailored Agile Solutions: Customized Agile ceremonies and sprints were tailored to meet Nespresso's unique requirements.
  • Agile Coaching: Sogeti provided an Agile Coach to accelerate the ramp-up of the Nespresso team.

What set Sogeti apart was the exceptional expertise of its consultants, including the delivery center team in Rennes. The team built a Citizen Development environment to enable the  creation of professional applications using ‘low code’ technology.

The Rennes team were pillars of strength and ensured a successful partnership. Their professionalism and expertise made them ideal Power Platform partners while playing a pivotal role in Nespresso’s transformative journey.

Caffeinating achievements

Two years after launching its Power Apps solution, Nespresso has achieved remarkable benefits. They have had a strong Return on Investment (ROI) exceeding €400,000 annually, faster time-to-market at under two months, and enhanced visibility within the Nestlé Group.

With Power Apps, Nespresso was able to automate the process of identifying and resolving machine issues. The application's user-friendly design ensures that Nespresso employees can quickly grasp and master it, achieving proficiency in half the time. This has resulted in faster resolution, simplified processes, and significantly enhancing customer relationship management, thus complementing Nespresso’s premium image.

Together, Nespresso and their tech-baristas Sogeti will continue to push the boundaries, where every sip of Nespresso coffee embodies not just the global brand but combines the art of coffee-making with the most transformative tech solutions.