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Securex gets a new powerful reporting solution

Sogeti develops solution for generation of BI/BA reports based on internal business databases for Securex.


Securex wanted to streamline production of business reports for their clients. The SAS platform has been chosen to strengthen the data life cycle of the reporting workflow. The project is the initial step of a larger migration project and development project involving all reporting capabilities.


The project concerns the migration of 10 business reports from an MS Access application to a SAS Office analytics platform.

Steps involved:

  • Assessment of the BI/BA needs of the client
  • Coaching for the choice of a IT solution to support the data life cycle
  • Analyses of the business processes
  • Deep analysis of the data and structure in the business database
  • Proposal for a migration plan and methodology via a FP offer
  • Installation of the SAS platform
  • Configuration of the platform
  • Development of the new data life cycle (ETL, DWH, Reporting)
  • Specific development of the reports with SAS EG
  • Coaching and support for client consultants


Our solution has enabled Securex to possess a more powerful reporting solution which they could propose as a paying solution to their client. The reporting solution is stable while having low maintenance costs. 

  • Pierre Marot
    Pierre Marot
    Account Manager at Sogeti Luxembourg
    +352 31 44 01
About Securex

The Securex group is a successful international company providing integrated total HR solutions, with expertise and tools to optimise HR function and policies.

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