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Workers register easily on their construction site thanks to mobile solution

Sogeti develops a mobile application to help Swedish construction company meet compliances.


Client develops systems for controlling physical access to constructions sites and also systems for controlling elevators, machines, lenders of tools on the different sites etc. They have to now comply with a new law that states that any construction company has to have full control of the people who work on a site. All workers must be registered in a system as soon as they enter or leave a site.


The client has their own backend system to deal with this but Sogeti has helped them to develop an app using the Xamarin platform to handle the registration to the construction site. The app has a great solution for security as well as to find the correct construction site using location (zoning). There is a plan for another 4 apps for 2016.


Thanks to our solution, the client now is the first company that can offer this mobile solution to customers within the construction industry. This gives their customers an advantage to easily register whenever they enter a construction site.

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