Better control over application security reduces cybersecurity threats and attacks

Sogeti implements Application Security Testing for Swedish Tax Authority .


The project investigates the future for RSV application security efforts within software testing, involving people from several departments at RSV in order to get a current status and a future approach. The first part of the project was delivered as a pre-study on how to implement technology and expert aid to battle application security. The result of the pre-study suggested using a service like AST for static and dynamic application testing as well as improving internal guidelines and policies regarding application testing.


AST was implemented in RSV, hence both Static and Dynamic testing will be managed by Sogeti experts. Sogeti AST delivers full integration into the development life cycle and provides the necessary expertise and technology to meet the demands of the test teams and operational security teams in order to keep applications secure. Internally the AST service is delivered by application security testers using on-premise tools.


The solution proposed by Sogeti will help RSV have an improved overall control of their application security, both in development and test as well as in production. There will be a reduced risk of cyber security threats and attacks.

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About the Swedish Tax Authority

The Swedish Tax Authority (RSV), manages the tax collection of Sweden and the registry of Swedish citizens.

As a government authority there are strict legal requirements to keep information in house and protected therefore testing and data has to stay within the organization and within the physical limits of the organization.

RSV has a strong ongoing plan to improve and strengthen their security efforts in development, test and production.

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