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SAS platform provides and manages high level profiles for Tango

Tango focuses on its business while Sogeti manages its SAS Platform.


Tango relies on Sogeti for external managed services for all the SAS platforms. These platforms hosted in Tango premises are used to produce all internal business reports linked to telecom services.


Sogeti manages installation and configuration of the softwares needed to establish seamless working of SAS Platform as well as support for advanced questions on the usage of the SAS Platform. We provide corrective and preventive maintenance: patches, fixes, monitoring and problem resolution including all SAS platform layers. Along with this, we provide consultancy and project based support.


Sogeti has taken over responsibility for providing and managing high level SAS profiles, leaving Tango to solely focus on managing their business. Tango also relies on Sogeti to enhance IT services for support of SAS products.


    Tango is the leading alternative Luxembourgish operator offering fixed telephony, mobile and Internet services. With a wide portfolio of products effectively tailored to meet the needs of its residential and business customers, 280,000 customers have already placed their trust in Tango. The partnership concluded with Vodafone allows Tango to offer highly competitive rates for calls made from abroad, along with a wide range of offers and cutting-edge services.