Public goes AI

Public goes AI - Creative uses of AI for public services

AI at the service of the citizen.

In the digital world we live in AI is a disruptive potential for the society, shedding light on the power of data. At the crossroads between citizenship, political action, and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) offers great potential for the public sector. Embracing data-driven technology powered with AI is essential for governments and public sector organizations tomorrow.

The pandemic highlighted clearly how the public sector must deal with change quickly. Organizations had to scale up critical infrastructure and applications in weeks (or even days), leverage key data for decision making, and work across organizational boundaries and formerly impenetrable borders of responsibility.

More broadly, we believe the pandemic response is a dry run for the upcoming transformation towards a sustainable, societal development model. This model demands unprecedented change in a short time. More impactful changes will be called for, and at a faster pace than most organizations can currently keep up with. Technology brings the breakthrough tools to help us manage this transition – as we want to avoid cutting back our standards of living to levels that will likely be unacceptable to the citizens our public sector organizations serve.

In partnership with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform we are hosting a focused discussion to present how public sector organizations globally are adopting AI and our contribution in their journeys. This session is part of the Public Service Innovation Conference 2022 and promises to provide interesting insights into use cases of innovation with AI which disrupted the ways of public services across Europe.

Join us on November 17th at 3pm GMT - register below to secure your space.


Pierre-Adrien Hanania 177x136.pngPierre-Adrien Hanania
Global Offer Leader AI in Public Sector at Capgemini

Pierre-Adrien Hanania leads the Data & AI in Public Sector offer at Capgemini across over 20 countries and hence focuses on how the right use of data can help organizations deliver augmented public services to the citizens. Based in Berlin, Pierre-Adrien previously worked for various European think tanks and graduated in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.


Maëlle BouvierMaëlle Bouvier
Global Public Sector Sustainability Lead at Capgemini

Based in France, with 12 years of experience dedicated to public services and policies, Maëlle leads the Capgemini sustainability offers fort the public authorities ,mainly in France, in ordert to support their ecoresponsible transformation and increase their positive impact fort the planet.

She also animate a large community across the group at global level to accelerate Capgemini’s projects in all countries on that topic.

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