What is trust? The importance of creating trustworthy user experiences

Join us in Amsterdam, on October 8 - 9, 2018. Where we will be hosting two days of inspiring and thought provoking presentations .The hot topic for this years Executive Summit is 'In Code We Trust' where we will bring together a group of visionary thought leaders and executives from many different industries for a strategic dialogue to develop a perspective on ‘In Code We Trust’. For the past eighteen years PR agency Edelman has been measuring World Wide Trust levels. The 2017 version of their trust barometer showed a Total Meltdown of trust in corporations and institutions while at the same time the trust in technology continues to be remarkably high.
One explanation for putting so much trust in tech, is the high expectations people have about future technological breakthroughs. There's so much that remains to be desired: from self-driving cars to frictionless shopping experiences. But will technology be able to live up to those expectations or are we in for a massive disillusion?
we trust;

What is Trust?

Trust is defined as a confident relationship with the unknown. But we're far from comfortable looking at the unknown future. We clearly see how trust is shifting from the institutional hierarchies towards the network economy. Every organization is at risk of being disrupted by a more trusted version of itself. Organizations like Tripadvisor, Amazon and Airbnb are using reviews and ratings to organize our trust. But at the same time, they are so successful at monetizing their platforms, that trust is becoming a monopoly. Can we trust markets where so much power is in the hand of just a few companies?

When and Where? 

Location - Amsterdam 

Date - October 8-9th, 2018

Some of the questions we will address at this years Summit;

  • This year's summit will be on the trending topic of TRUST
  • Will your company be disrupted by a more trusted version of itself?
  • Can code really be trusted and how can the entire IT industry work to improve the status-quo?
  • Will citizens and consumers take back control over their digital identity and data?

Key takeaways from attending

  • Be updated in the latest trends in user trust in disruptive technologies, such as Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Learnings from well-known companies and their real life trust examples
  • Practical tips on how to build trust digitally in the 21st century






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