DevOps & Digital Assurance

Webinar stream: DevOps & Digital Assurance

On 7th of December 2016, we aired a webinar about DevOps & Digital Assurance. Here is the recorded stream

We are witnessing a true mind shift for both business and IT operations. On one side, it is not just about using new digital technologies to become better or faster; it is also about being creative and effective in putting new digital technologies to use.

On the other side, companies have to respond to the digital landscape and the connected customer with superior products and enhanced customer service, while reducing time-to-market, increasing security, performance and customer satisfaction – and doing it better than the competition.

Combined, these trends are causing specific challenges and opportunities for the QA and Testing function.

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 About the speakers

  • Mark Buenen, VP and Global Testing Leader and co-author of the eight edition of the World Quality Report 2016-2017,  will present the QA trends and the recommendations from the report.
  • Dinant van der Starre, former QA-manager and last 4 years Agile Coach and Scrum Master at KPN, the largest Dutch telecom and IT Service provider, will present his and KPN’s journey towards ensuring sufficient quality across the value chain. Touching upon subjects such as DevOps, Monitoring, Automation and last but not least the culture which brings teams to the HighPerforming level.


  • Mark Buenen
    Mark Buenen
    Global Leader of Quality Engineering & Testing at Capgemini Group
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