Intelligent procurement study 2024

In a rapidly changing business landscape, traditional procurement has evolved into a strategic powerhouse. Our comprehensive study delves into four pivotal elements – trending topics, client priorities, technologies, and start-ups – unveiling the dynamic shifts and opportunities in modern procurement.

We explore how procurement intersects with sustainability, mitigates risks, and drives innovation. Understanding client priorities is key, and our insights align procurement efforts with evolving expectations. Embracing technology is crucial, and our maturity model guides digital initiatives for success. The procurement startup landscape is vibrant, reshaping traditional approaches with a focus on sustainability and artificial intelligence.

Our study integrates these elements, offering a panoramic view of the ever-evolving field of procurement. It’s not just theory; it’s rooted in real-world experiences. Gain valuable perspectives from interviews with industry experts, including our extensive network of clients and Capgemini’s procurement and supply chain community. Whether you’re a professional navigating change, a researcher deepening understanding, or an organization leveraging procurement for growth and sustainability, our study is your strategic guide. Elevate your procurement strategy with insights that transcend the ordinary.

Download the report now and uncover actionable insights that will shape the future of your procurement strategy. Happy reading!


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