World Quality Report 2015-16 Key Challenges

The World Quality Report Highlights Industry Trends and Challenges faced in the following areas; 

  • Digital Transformation
  • QA and Testing Budgets Outperform
  • Security Testing is the Top IT Strategy Priority
  • Agile Testing Maturing to the Enterprise
  • Industrialization Becoming More Advanced
  • Test Environments and Test Data Management

Agile testing is maturing to enterprise


1. Approaches to testing in agile in your organization

  • 40% use exploratory testing 
  • 39% use test driven and behaviour driven deployment 
  • 38% use functional test driven and behaviour driven development

2. Challenges faced in applying testing to agile development

  • 33% answered there is a difficulty in identifying the right areas on which test should focus
  • 31% said lack of approriate test environment and data and lack of professional test expertise in agile teams 
  • 29% agreed that it is difficult to test in a distributed environment and difficult to reuse and repeat tests across sprints/iterations 

3. Implementation of DevOps practices 

  • 51% Break down large efforts into smaller batches of work 
  • 50% Use continuous testing 
  • 46% Create a delivery pipeline 

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Industrialisation becoming more advanced


Test automation benefits 

  • 72% agreed better detection of defects
  • 70% agreed better control and transparency of test activities 
  • 69% agreed reduction of test cycle time 

Test Automation Challenges 

  • 53% Application functionality changes too frequently 
  • 40% said delivery methodology doesn't support test automation 
  • 31% agreed they don't have the right automation tools 

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Test Environments and Test Data Management 


Test Environment Types 

  • 48% use a virtualised test environment 
  • 47% maintain and use a permanent test environment 
  • 45% Set up and use cloud based temporary test environments

Challenges in managing test data

  • 44% having to maintain multiple versions of hardware, middleware and systems under test
  • 33% lack of availability of right hardware (servers, storage, networks, working stations etc.)
  • 33% lack of clarity on efficient usage of available configuration

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Summary of Findings & Recommendations

  • Re-focus QA &Testing on Customer Experience and Business Assurance
  • Transform traditional TCoE to Agile & DevOps
  • Industrialize Security Testing
  • Use Predictive Analysis to prioritize testing activities
  • Continue to grow Test Automation
  • Build Virtualization and Cloud Testing Platform capabilities
  • Expand skill sets of QA & Test teams

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