Navigating Infinte Change

Navigating Infinite Change: Building Innovation-Ready Enterprises

Today, organizations face a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment where the predictive models of the past – budgets, forecasts, long-term strategies and information architecture – can become redundant overnight.

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One crisis follows another, demanding an immediate response and – often – a fundamental change in approach. Teams that are unable to respond rapidly and decisively miss opportunities. Others face existential risks. We often refer to this new reality as 'Uncertainty'.

When events are unfolding at such speed, it can be impossible for leaders to find time to reflect on how to respond to these challenges. But building a resilient, innovation-ready enterprise that can overcome unexpected shocks, switch course overnight and reinvent how it provides value requires careful consideration. Capgemini’s TechnoVision introduces the mantra ‘Being Like Water’ to illustrate the capabilities that make an organization agile, responsive, adaptive, resilient and creative – while continuously flowing towards achieving its purposes.

Information Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in creating this. Platforms, practices and partnerships can be designed to not only enable fast, full-scale change, but to act as a catalyst for change.

In this paper, we explain how business leaders can set the foundations for a truly innovation-ready enterprise by implementing five key ‘digital assets’. Namely: a unified digital platform, agile solution delivery, advanced analytics capabilities, hyper-automation and business-IT fusion.

With these digital assets in place, organizations can balance technological innovation with stakeholders’ digital happiness and wellbeing by defining a ‘future fit’ roadmap that matches their innovation requirements with the latest tech trends. The result: organizational resilience, agility and creativity – giving enterprises the confidence to lean into the future and make it work for them.

At Sogeti, we’re ready to help you make this vision a reality for your organization.



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