TechnoVision 2024: Trends for business decision makers

Today, planning for the future in business means understanding emerging technologies. This summary of TechnoVision 2024 examines digital innovation and technology trends for 2024 through a business decision-maker’s lens.

What is the future of technology? How will technology affect the future of our society? How can businesses drive positive change through technology?

These are the fundamental questions TechnoVision 2024 sets out to answer. As the world experiences breathtaking change, this special edition for business decision-makers examines the technologies that are moving the world and powering digital transformation. It’s designed to stimulate strategic dialogue between business and IT leadership teams, to help them identify opportunities for and support planning for the future in business.

Explore the TechnoVision 2024 Executive Companion that offers an authoritative perspective on which technology trends matter for CXOs and business decision-makers.


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