Cloud considerations

Are you Cloud Ready?

Migrating your organisation to the cloud is a big task with potentially big benefits but it starts with some introspection; Am I ready?

While a Cloud First approach to digital transformation should always be the golden rule it is important to understand that not all components will be Cloud ready.  

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There are common barriers that can stall your Cloud journey

  1. Legislation, specifically  in relation to where and how your data can be stored
  2. Long term licenses agreements that cannot be ported over to Cloud native solutions
  3. Legacy systems that require significant redesign in order to make them Cloud enabled

Even if those barriers exist there will still be benefits to moving some parts of your organisation to the Cloud.

Understanding your Cloud readiness involves evaluating your applications, systems and IT infrastructure. A Cloud first approach to this evaluation means that you try to migrate as much as possible to the cloud and only keep on premise components by exception. It is important to note that each system can have a different presence on the cloud. A detailed cloud readiness assessment will result in one of these outcomes for each of your systems.

  • Retain:- Keep existing application in its current state
  • Rehost:-Lift and shift your software from your on premises infrastructure to a cloud provider (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS)
  • Refactor:-Redesign your system using cloud native tools (Platform as a Serves or Paas)
  • Replace:-Have a vendor or service provider provide access to software and its functions remotely via a Web-based service. (Software as a Service) e.g. Office 365
  • Retire:- One of the hidden benefits of a cloud readiness assessment is it will highlight any systems that are no longer fit for purpose and can be decommissioned.

Cloud readiness is an integral consideration for any organisations Cloud journey. If you are interested in Sogeti's Cloud readiness assessment you can view find out more about it here. 

About Sogeti's Cloud Solution 

At Sogeti we work closely with our clients to deliver business specific solutions that provide real business value. Our Cloud approach is no different. We understand that no two organisations will have the same requirements when it comes approaching the Cloud which is why we have designed the OneDeliver approach to assist our clients at any and every stage of their Cloud journey. Whether you are considering Cloud, at the migration stage or already in the Cloud we can help you on your journey. 

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