Covid-19 takes on the role of transformational CIO

One of the more remarkable impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the acceleration of technology trends.

Research by McKinsey suggests a quantum leap in the adoption of digital technology, with the pace of change accelerating by years. As workforces, classrooms and community groups moved online, adaptability and resilience have become the hallmarks of success.

Covid-19 has become the world’s Chief Innovation Officer, inspiring a renewed focus on digital transformation, and forcing companies to back up their digital aspirations with tangible actions and budgets.

Microsoft Azure’s Intelligent Cloud software has seen a significant increase in demand as organisations adapt to remote work and remote learning, and this is expected to continue as digital transformations are being accelerated.

Accelerating and implementing digital transformation at pace is a challenge. It requires investment and a framework that allows the rapid deployment of technologies that otherwise takes months or even years of planning. But the results are indisputable: investment in key digital resilience levers can result in cost savings of 15-25%, with improvements across performance, agility, enablement and stability - creating an elastic organisation. The right partner can be an important choice in facilitating this.

From cloud-based technology to AI and the Internet of Things, Sogeti works with clients implementing Microsoft software to rapidly scale-up their transformation processes. The framework includes:

  • analysis of where a business is at;
  • advice in the form of a deepdive look at the current landscape and the creation of a roadmap;
  • developing, integrating, and migrating new solutions;
  • ongoing acceleration and evolution to keep new systems running at their best

The initial assessment stage looks at your business’s operations, the platforms available, the impact on people and collaboration, cybersecurity concerns, and cloud economics. The advice stage looks at things like spend, and how current systems can be utilised and optimised. From there, we create a roadmap and offer insights into quick wins for a visible outcome within weeks.

In the adopt and accelerate phases, we look at balancing scalability and cost, ensuring the use of cloud-based technology and DevOps are aligned to business strategy. We introduce financial accountability, proactively monitor and continuously right-size solutions. Acceleration also includes introducing enhanced levels of automation for templates and workflows.

To bring ideas to life rapidly and test them, this phase might involve an incubator, hackathon, or app-in-a-week projects. This allows your business to explore new avenues in a low-risk and often a low-investment environment to quickly decide whether it’s something scalable for your organisation.

Sogeti is a recognised Microsoft Alliance Partner. Our relationship with Microsoft allows us unique insight and access to specialised Microsoft resources including key IP from Microsoft Consulting Services. By working with Sogeti’s 7,200 Microsoft-certified consultants, companies can implement their digital transformation plans in a way that’s secure, cost-effective, and fast.

It involves working with experts who have the right depth of experience to implement your organisation’s ambitions. Every business is unique, and out consultants take the time to understand yours.

As we move toward post-pandemic life, it’s unlikely that the pace of digital transformation will slow. Organisations should act now to ensure their systems are future-ready. Find out more about how to partner with Sogeti and Microsoft by emailing

  • Prateek Maheshwari
    Prateek Maheshwari
    Microsoft Alliance Manager
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