Data transformation: The key to understanding the future today

The amount of data that businesses and government bodies deal in is growing exponentially. The most successful organisations of the future are likely to be those that understand how to harness the power of the data they hold.

In the past, data was spread across organisations in siloed databases,, but as the scale of the challenge grows, this becomes unmanageable, inefficient and a drain on resources. Utilising technological solutions like AI and cloud services is becoming a necessity for many.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform used by major organisations all over the world. The platform supports software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). At Sogeti, we leverage our Microsoft platform expertise to create value for businesses to support the transition to Azure.

Accelerating the journey to a data-centric culture

Sogeti helps global businesses like Coca Cola, Volvo, and NBC to make the most of moving to Microsoft Azure, ensuring optimised processes, lower operating costs, enhanced customer experiences, and greater business speed and responsiveness.

The roadmap to your Azure Insights Platform has five key phases:

  • Understanding your journey within the business and technology context
  • Enabling your Azure Data Landscape
  • Governing and Securing your data assets
  • Developing your enterprise data science culture
  • Empowering business users to make data driven insights

Through our extensive work in taking clients through this process, Sogeti has developed a number of accelerators to enable savings, improve productivity and reduce time to market. Sogeti and parent-company Capgemini use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) accelerator This is a three-step process that allows companies to map, analyse and activate their data. CDP will allow businesses to target customers, personalize their experiences and help establish a lasting relationship that will result in higher retention rates.

The Azure data platform contains all technology required for data ingestion; data storage; data transformation, advanced analytics and cognitive services; real-time data management; data insights & visualisation and data governance.

AI, Data Engineering and Machine Learning

Without the right data and platform foundations, adoption of AI cannot scale. AI Engineering supports all stages of the transformation journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. To support AI transformation, Sogeti and our parent-company Capgemini have three defined offerings.

  • Intelligent Process Automation – to determine the best mix of human & machines to automate business processes
  • Intelligent Apps – to integrate advanced AI capabilities and cognitive services across an organisation
  • Custom AI Services – to develop and deploy custom Cognitive Services applying AI Solutions to specific business challenges

Sogeti supports businesses implementing an Azure data platform for the first time, migrating existing solutions to Azure or extending their existing Azure platform. We offer services for improved data management, trusted information repositories, faster decision-making, greater operational efficiency and scalability, and lower total cost of ownership.

With thousands of certified Microsoft experts worldwide, our team supports all phases of the data projects. This includes data migrations and building out data lakes and data storage, setting up Power BI for self-service reporting across an enterprise, and even building AI platforms for machine learning. Using these tools and applications, Sogeti’s Microsoft Azure experts help organisations to explain complex ideas in a simple way.

Sogeti supports enterprise-level businesses and government bodies with their data estate modernisation through consultancy, managed services, DevOps, support and maintenance. To find out more about how we can support your data transformation project you can reach out to




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    Kathy Magee
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