Every Cloud has a silver lining: Embarking on a digital transformation journey

As businesses in Ireland and across the EMEA landscape prepare for a post-pandemic return to business-as-usual, a move to cloud-based technology is a core tenet of many digital transformation projects.

Spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion, up from $257.5 billion in 2020, according to Gartner.

Forbes Technology Council has suggested a number of reasons for this acceleration; including its support for business resilience and a demand for greater flexibility and more innovation in business operations. As the new world of work becomes less centralised, with hybrid work-from-home and office life combining, the agility cloud-based technology offers will be crucial to business growth.

In Ireland, Sogeti works with clients interested in implementing Microsoft Azure, taking businesses through a comprehensive planning stage where a strategy is developed; a transformation stage where legacy systems are moved on to the cloud, and an operations phase where cloud services are optimised. The initial planning stage includes a 360° digital maturity assessment, a Cloud Strategy and Vision, and a Cloud Journey Roadmap to steer our clients in the right direction.

Azure offers a broad range of cloud tools and services that can transform a business, with solutions including AI, blockchain, Internet of Things, messaging, storage services and mobile services. Common business applications including your ERP system, emails, and client apps can be moved to the cloud, making your business more agile.

Managing security & risks: safety as you scale

As cyber-crime continues to rise exponentially, security is a major concern for businesses. Migrating to the cloud is a secure option, particularly if this replaces a variety of legacy systems which each have individual weaknesses.

Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation across physical, infrastructure, and operational security, and it is the only cloud that runs continuous security-health monitoring. Azure’s Identity and Access Management feature means only the right people have access to the right information.

However, any system is only as safe as the people who are using it. Where data breaches have occurred with Azure, one of the primary factors has been human error. To mitigate against this, comprehensive and ongoing training for users is necessary.

Pay-As-You-Go infrastructure: a tool for financial management

Another major benefit of adopting cloud-based technology is cost-efficiency. As the flow of data between businesses and clients grows ever-larger, it becomes more difficult to manage and process it through onsite servers.

With Azure, you can pay only for what you use, and scale up rapidly as the cloud is supported in 42 regions worldwide. The cloud allows you to improve organisational accountability by allocating costs to specific business units and projects. It monitors consumption trends continuously, and optimises your resources through “virtual right-sizing”.

Ready to get started?

A move to the cloud is inevitable for most enterprise-level organisations who want to keep pace with their clients and grow quickly. For many CTOs, they know this is the path forward but do not know how to take the first step.

Sogeti can partner with your organisation to create a comprehensive plan, implement it, and optimise it. Microsoft Azure is among the most advanced cloud offerings available, and Sogeti is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner. 

To find out more please don't hesitate to reach out to our Senior Cloud and Microsoft Architect, Ayan Bhattacharya by clicking here

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    Ayan Bhattacharya
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