Friday Five

Friday five is a round-up of our week at Sogeti Ireland.


A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 


With the emergence of mega-trends such as Big Data and the Internet of Things, data has become increasingly prolific and even more complex. Our BI & Analytics lead, John McIntyre discusses how data visualisation is the first step towards more comprehensive and valuable data.  

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The Sogeti Studio 



The Sogeti Studio is Sogeti Ireland's mobile testing lab and provides your organisation with access to local testing resources and devices as well as close collaboration with our highly skilled testing teams.

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Whitepaper Library 


Do you have an enterprise mobile strategy? What are the 10 key focus areas required for a successful mobile testing strategy? Browse our Whitepapers on testing in our Whitepaper Library today. 

Friday Facts 


We have been publishing weekly facts on social media about the history of Sogeti. Read more about our history here. 

Current Vacancies 


Sogeti Ireland has a number of open vacancies which can be viewed on our current vacancies page. The most recent job posted is for a credit risk architect. 

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