Friday Five

Friday Five is a catch up of our week at Sogeti Ireland.

Cloud Replaces the Datacentre 


With Cloud now a widely accepted service model there is no longer a demand for the hardware-drive innovation of the datacentre. In his latest blog post for SogetiLabs Kamel Abid discusses how the user is now in control and infrastructure as we know it is about to "bite the dust".  

You can read the full blog post over on SogetiLabs. 

Saving money while Shopping! 


In response to new EU guidlines established in Sweden to phase out the use of incandescent bulbs, Sogeti has developed an app that educates and informs users of the correct bulbs to use with their lighting. The outcome was a user-friendly app that guides the user through a step by step process to choose the right lightbulb with regards to cost-savings and energy efficiency. 

Read the full case study here.

Define your Identity in the Digital Revolution


Digital transformation can only be effective if aligned with a clear vision and direction. The implementation of new technology tends to have an impact on organisational boundaries and structures therefore it is important to consider these three aspects when formulating your vision; business model canvas, value chain and your business story.

Read the full blog post over on SogetiLabs

Marketing & Technology 


In the pursuit for an omni-channel vision within organisations, marketing and technology professionals have been pushed ever closer in their disciplines. Powerful moments that delight are no longer considered a 'delight' but rather the expected norm. 

You can read the full blog post 'The Strange Bedfellows of Marketing and Technology' over on SogetiLabs. 

Sogeti Celebrates Diwali!


Wednesday the 11th of November marked the most auspicious day in the Hindu calendar with festival of Diwali. Sogeti marked this day with traditional Indian dishes and lights around the office and some of our colleagues dressing up in their traditional Indian dress. 

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