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Friday Five

Friday Five is an update of our week in Sogeti Ireland. With a wealth of information and various points on current digital topics from our colleagues over at SogetiLabs, and here in Ireland, we are focused on blogs this week. Browse through the top five blog posts that we have been reading this week in Sogeti Ireland.

Has 'Big Data and 'IoT' become Cliché?


Big Data, digital disruption, IoT.... all of these terms have become so overused that they have lost all valuable meaning. Jaap Bloem discusses his point of view on having a high-tech conversation in the 21st Century. 

You can read the full blog post over at SogetiLabs.

Transformation Versus Change 


Do transformation and change have the same meaning? Helen McEvoy, Senior Business analyst for Sogeti Ireland, discusses her point of view and how transformation versus change affects an organisation. 

Read the full blog post here. 

A Senior Business Analyst Perspective on Writing Good Requirements 


Helen McEvoy highlights how writing a good requirement will not ensure a projects success but it will almost certainly fail by writing bad erquirements. 

Read Helen's full blog post here. 

Cyber Security - How to protect yourself 



This report discusses relevant themes surrounding cyber security such as what matters now, how hackers are ultimately improving cyber security and the importance of privacy and security being implemented from the beginning. 

You can download the full report here. 

You can find out more about Sogeti's cyber security solutions here. 

Salesforce and Insurance 


Kenneth Wagner of SogetiLabs discusses how Salesforce can make a difference to the insurance industry in his first in a series of blog posts about Salesforce. How can Salesforce affect your organisation? read on to find out. 

You can read the full blog post over on SogetiLabs. 

Sogeti Ireland 

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