Friday Five - Testing Influencers

Friday Five

This week we are talking to Keith Hughes, Sogeti Ireland's Specialist Testing Services Lead, to discuss 5 people who have influenced his testing career in one way or another.

I'd like to share with you at least five of the leaders/authors/bloggers that have had a major influence on my career in testing. Many of these are people still working in the software industry but have carved a solid following through refreshing thought leadership. Sometimes a simple glance at a twitter feed or quick read of a blog post can put you right the centre of a revolution in thinking. Testing is one of those disciplines where the old ways still work, but don't stop there, keep questioning!


Lisa Crispin @lisacripsin

Lisa Crispin is a widely know Agile testing coach, Tester(yes, still!) author and speaker. The author of "Agile Testing" and "More Agile Testing". Lisa was honored by her peers by being voted the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days 2012. She shares her experiences via writing, presenting, teaching and participating in agile testing communities around the world. I wholly recommend following her on twitter or adding one of her books to your shelf. 


Elisabeth Hendrickson @testobsessed

Elisabeth Hendrickson is a respected thought leader in Agile Testing, served on the board of the Agile Alliance, won the Gordon Pask Award in 2010, and is a co-organizer of the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools program. She is well known for her Google Tech Talk on Agile Testing and Test Heuristics Cheatsheet. Her blogs cast a very refreshing insight on teams,culture and communication in testing as well as how effective automation should be done. 


Michael Bolton(Not the singer) @michaelbolton

Michael Bolton is a prominent advocate of "Exploratory Testing" and gives his "Rapid Software Testing" course internationally. Michael is quite vocal in heralding the need for emphasis on non-scripted testing techniques over the limits of the scripted variant. Rapid Software Testing has been described as “the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing.”


Gojko Adžić @gojkoadzic

Gojko Adžić is a software delivery consultant and author of several books on Impact Mapping, Specification by exampleBehavior Driven DevelopmentTest Driven Development and Agile Testing. Adžić is a prolific speaker at software development and testing conferences. Read his books or follow him. 


Bob Marshall @flowchainsensei

Bob Marshall tweets frequent sharply cynical views on software development process in organisations. He is a Lean Agile advocate, author, speaker on his own unique concept of "Rightshifting" applied to organisational processes.

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