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Friday five is a round-up of our week at Sogeti Ireland.

Friday 04/09/15



The latest report from our VINT Research Lab was released on Tuesday 1st of September and focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In this report the focus is on Sogeti's vision and client experience in industrial and consumer markets, and everything in between: from Turbine to toothbrush, so to speak.

Download the report here.  

Sogeti is committed to innovation and thought leadership. Read about our future vision here. 

Sogeti wants you! 


We are very excited to be exhibiting at Career Zoo next Saturday 12th of September in Dublin City's Convention Centre to meet with Ireland's best and brightest talent! We will be handing out job specs for our current vacancies and will have members of our team on our stand to talk 'all things Sogeti'. Pop over to our stand on the day to have a chat!

Recover: our added-value solution for Software Testing QA


Recover is an added-value solution to our Software Testing & QA service offering. A recover project entails all the usual aspects of a testing project; design and execution. However, as additional value, we recover (if not enough quality documentation exists) a knowledge specification of the system under test in the form of (structural and behavioral) UML models, that represent the functional requirements of the system that we are testing. We also validate and maintain them up-to-date.

Read more about Recover here or Make an Enquiry. 

Man Vs. Machine 


The latest series of blog posts from David Excoffier - RoBIo-Tics - focuses on the the convergence between robotics-and-biology and robotics-and-the-Internet of Things. His latest post focuses on the ethics and challenges surrounding robotics. These are a very interesting read and definitely not to be missed!

Read RoBIo-Tics Part III here.

World Quality Report 2015-16 


Cover image - World Quality Report 2014-15 

The annual World Quality Report will be published on Wednesday the 9th of September. This publication is recognised as the industry's largest and most comprehensive research study and presents market analysis on the state of enterprise application quality and testing practices from large enterprises and public sector organisations across the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Don't miss out! Pre-order your online copy now


*Important reminder* Don't forget to smile today :) it's Friday! 


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