Innovation and Testing the way Forward for Financial Services

Innovation & Testing is the Way Forward for Financial Services

From the earliest times Financial Services have been entrusted to those with networks of trust or superior technology.

Consider for example the banking activities of the knights Templar or the development of theft-proof Bank vaults. The average individual has rarely had possession of the technology required to competently safeguard, move and track their financial assets. In other words, Financial Services providers are and always have been technology companies.

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As digitisation of our world increases, and consumer technology capability increases we begin to see start-up companies emerge and thrive in Financial Services using the very same technology as the established institutions.In fact all that remains to differentiate a large scale financial institution is scale and reputation.

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But how long will that be enough to stay in competition? To stay in the race, financial institutions are turning to Innovation techniques and adaption of their existing systems. The challenge for these institutions today, is doing so at speed without impacting stability and continuity. When it comes down to it, it’s about how this technology is tested, how rigorously and how dynamically.

For these reasons, Test Automation is high on the agenda of every progressive Financial Institution, however many still face challenges in making it work well. We increasingly see a diverse mix of legacy and contemporary technology making automation a near impossibility in some cases. The expertise required to craft, maintain and own reliable Test Automation solutions may be difficult to find.

This is where strong vendor partnerships and access to consistent talent pools become the key to success every time. With increasing pressure and hefty fines from regulatory bodies on the increase these institutions can no longer afford to resort to a process of trial and error with Test Automation.  

Sogeti & Test Automation

Sogeti have been working closely with a number of Financial Institutions across Ireland in achieving a reassuring step forward in effective Test Automation.  

Test Automation is the most efficient way to  increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing – and it is especially necessary and valuable when there is continued effort involved in running the same tests repeatedly to alleviate pressures on budgets and help you to achieve predictable quality.

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