Intelligent Organisation

Is your Organisation AI Intelligent yet?

Just think 11 years ago there was no Iphone. The advent of mobile apps only began in 2008. Just like the evolution of the phone, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very much a business reality today. No longer confined to the realms of science fiction films or hi-tech companies, AI is being adopted by ordinary companies across various sectors.

As the Head of Analytics & Cognitive Services for Sogeti Ireland, I bring this technology into the workplace for our clients everyday. Making the seemingly impossible - possible.

One of the biggest advantages of AI is that it better enables and extends the capabilities of a host of other technologies in use today. It integrates seamlessly.  For instance, Big Data has been around for a long time now and yet, in my opinion, it’s benefits have been somewhat difficult to access. Why is this? We want the data, but why are we unable to use the data to the best of our ability to help strengthen corporate goals.


Theoretically, Big Data technologies are supposed to allow companies to make sense of vast quantities of unstructured data.

Such data can be in the form of documents, images, videos, audio files and more. Yet, how many organizations are truly using the information contained in such data?

For example, images are a form of data. From retail to insurance, visual images are as valuable as spreadsheets. We at Sogeti developed the the ability to analyse images a long time ago, but only recently have I had the opportunity to combine this analysis with a deliverable solution for clients

For an Insurance client, we built a Proof of Concept (PoC) to identify a car from a picture of the license plate. Once we identified the car, we could find the value. We then passed the information to a model we developed and trained to test for an economic write-off at various stages in the claims process. Claims can be processed rapidly and the data has been interpreted saving costs to the insurance company and their client - and eliminating fraud.  Learn more here.  

In the transportation sector, we are developing a POC where we are reviewing the way people travel and the actual times. AI is allowing us to count people using a camera, against bus stop GPS co-ordinates. This data will allow the client to improve service where they need to at the exact times that they need to.  This is the reality of AI brought to life -  offering unrivalled business value!  

AI helps to solve this data interpretation problem, making data usage accessible and easy. AI services come pre-packaged with your Cloud subscription (I assume that every company is using cloud services now). All the main Cloud providers provide AI solutions to analyse images, video and sound (and more). Most, if not all, even provide pre-trained services which you can access immediately. If you need to train your own model, they will even provide the services to do that too.

To develop these solutions requires lots of existing data. For instance, training a visual recognition model requires lots of annotated images. If you are looking to find car write-offs in images, you need lots of images of written off crashed cars and lots of images of cars which are not written off. If you are looking to identify the car from the registration plate, you can simply access a pre-trained AI Text Detection solution from a Cloud provider. Accessing the services from your app is achieved through a simple API, using your favourite programming language. (For added value, why not analyse lots of images using a scene detection service, log the results into a database and then add a search utility for Natural Language Processing? This can then be connected to a chatbot service to allow users to ask for images of objects – “Show me images of damaged motorbikes”).

So how do you get started?

• Not with the technology! Talk (yes talk!) to your business and decide a business prototype (Sogeti uses the Thinkubator approach  - click the link to learn more about this novel approach on how to reach higher levels of customer satisfaction. Sogeti's top tech experts at Sogeti support clients in leveraging the latest in technology to create impressive real-world business solutions in 6 weeks.)

• Access your Cloud subscription to see what pre-trained services are available. Avoid having to train your own model if you have too.

• It is also worth testing different Cloud services. In one service, my 10-year old son was identified as a 40-year old man.

• Also, the Cloud service providers obviously must train these services for you. Remember, continued training and retraining can change results. Another Cloud service I used for Invoice Text Detection changed their model and stopped recognizing the testing data I had used for some time.

Email John to learn more about AI and how it can integrate seamlessly into your business offering real business value - fast.