Mastering Digital Disruption with DeVops part 1: Antifragility

Our most recent publication 'Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps' is the closing piece of our research series on disruptive innovation. In the earlier works we sketched the design principles of the new competition.

Two-sided market players are taking over control in every market and a new wave of platform innovation is to be expected: The blockchain. How should incumbents respond to these kind of market changes? The answer we present in the closing (fourth) report is:

  1. Innovate management
  2. By doing DevOps
  3. In order to become anti-fragile


In the report we suggest a few alternatives for the cultural revolution named DevOps, but we conclude by saying that there are no other real options. There are no easy fixes. Startups are faster, more engaged and more customer obsessed. The only way to tackle the incompetencies of incumbents is to change the way the organization works: Its culture, its management, its obsession with bureaucracy. The long term objective is to create an organization that gains strength form disruption. A state of Antifragility. Nassim Taleb has introduced the concept of the black swans. Well, the black swans have arrived and there are more to come. Antifragile organizations are welcoming them. 

Want to master Digital Disruption? Download our new report on Disruptive Innovation and read all about DeVops as a strategy for management innovation here:

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