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Solution to Test Automation Challenges

Selection of an automated testing solution is a challenging and critical endeavour for an organisation.

Companies want return on investment whilst budgets are dipping, seamless integration while evolving to meet bi-modal needs, ease of functionality and future proofing. Test automation also presents additional challenges for test managers such as the availability of IT human resources on the ground to operate, process and application tools and syngery in deployment.


So what do test managers want?  Here is a look at some of the common questions our Digital Assurance and Testing team encounter in relation to selecting a Test Automation Solution: 

  • Is there a best practice methodology in testing to calculate the size of  work delivered in sprints or releases?
  • How do I determine what to automate?
  • I don’t have automation engineers, so can I automate?
  • How do I ensure all test processes adhere to the same high standards?
  • How to improve resource productivity?
  • How can I save my testing execution effort?
  • Is it really possible to reduce testing cycle time?
  • How to improve test design and test execution efficiency?

Our accelerator CAFÉ Next answers all these effectively and efficiently.


CAFÉ Next is a unified test design and automation solution that simply, seamlessly integrates with market leading tools like Microfocus UFT, Selenium, etc...

When used right, automation can boost the productivity of your team and enhance the quality of your products. 

For more information on Café Next and how Sogeti Ireland can best assist with your Testing Solution needs, please contact us.

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