How many passwords are we juggling with today?

Looking for a job guaranteed for the next décades? Worried about the future job of your children?

Advise them to go and study IT security and specially authentication concerns. Be sure that for the next decade, this will be one of the main IT problematic, companies have to cogitate on.

Some History. For years, more than 95% of Fortune500 relied mainly on Microsoft Active Directory authentication system (to which we can add around 90% of medium and large enterprises all over the world). As a legacy of the 90’s, we come from a 100% on-premises IT infrastructure mindset hegemony where AD is the static basements. This was a time where all business digital systems used to come with their own Directory and their own authenticating mechanism. All those, totally segregated, satisfying thus each need independently. Then came the Cloud and the iPhone uprising, having for effect to irremediably change the corporate world.

Expected by many, the “Big Day” will not occur. Revolution of the whole world where everything will be replaced by either Amazon Cloud, Mac World, or Google land… will not happen. We all agree to correct this Manichean thoughts by a more challenging approach [...]


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