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Industry 4.0: Factory to Smactory, disruption meets the manufacturing industry

It is August the 18th of 2014 when a German government official press ‘post’ on an update called: “Zukunftsprojekt Industrie 4.0”, not knowing that this Industry number will complete transform the way we traditionally did business.

Where business transformation in prior times mostly affected individual entities of businesses, this transformation affects the whole business eco-system. The announcement, posted on the “Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung” or, in English, the:”Federal ministry of education and Research” quoted the following key message:

The future project Industry 4.0 aims to enable the German industry in a position to be ready for the future of production. Industrial production will be characterized by strong personalization of products under the conditions of high flexibilised (high-volume) production, the extensive integration of customers and business partners in business and value creation processes and the coupling of production and quality services.

Industry 4.0, where disruption meets the manufacturing industry

According the Cambridge Online Dictionary is revolution something that is: ‘a very important change in the way that people do things’ or ‘one completecircular movement of something’. That Industry 4.0 is a industrial revolution is an understatement. Industry 4.0 is a big disruption in the economy & the way we (will) do business in the future. Before deep dive directly into Industry 4.0 let us have a closer look to the road towards it. [...]


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