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Information Rights Management – What’s Up Doc?

Digital globalization, the explosion of mobile technologies, increasingly complex supply chains, the BYOD trend and the tendency for even business people to use consumer caliber file sharing systems mean that the integrity and security of Info rights managementcorporate documents have never been more at risk.

In a recent study, leading analyst organization Ovum discovered that majority of the organizations are relying on inadequate firewalls in a vain attempt to protect their sensitive information throughout its life span. This makes a business vulnerable to regulatory non-compliance and data leakage, with sensitive documents falling into the hands of competitors and costly mistakes being made when multiple versions of the same document are floating in the cyberspace. These are serious issues that will affect the reputation of your business and will challenge your clients’ loyalty to your brand.

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Information Rights Management, the artillery of special document protection techniques, goes hand in hand with authentication, authorization, advanced multi-dimensional access control, auditing, encryption, electronic signatures, identity management and digital shredding. To meet the demands of new technologies, IRM has grown and the new generation of systems give you file-level control, auditing competencies and a more flexible and effective document protection strategy. Now, you can ensure that your intended privacy levels are integral to the document or file, the rights stay with the original ownership and your assets are properly secured within your corporate environment, in transit and beyond. [...]


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