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Multi-Dynamic Architecture: Dancing on Different Rhythms

About ten years ago, Sogeti introduced Dynamic Architecture (DYA). DYA was the start of the focus shift from blueprint architecture to just enough, just in time architecture.

The main driver for this shift was the awareness that architecture must facilitate the required speed of change. We are now on the threshold of a new focus shift: instead of focusing on internal efficiency and standardization of technology, architecture is to drive innovation by stimulating diversity and focusing on the interplay of enablers with different rhythms. Organizations are reinventing themselves massively, driven by the rapid succession of technological innovations and their adoption by society. They are experimenting with new kinds of services, new ways of working and new business models. In this way, organizations are building a new us, and they are seeking how to successfully realize this new us.

The existing organization is infused with new initiatives, where old and new are becoming entwined. Whereas standardization has been the magic word for many years now, this is being replaced by differentiation. [...]


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Marlies van Steenbergen
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