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People: The Key To Success In A Project

As a tester, I have been involved in several software projects. Most of them have been successful, but I have also lived the other side of the story.

Speaking from my own experience, I can say that there are different factors that can determine the success or the failure of a project:

  • Tools
  • Processes
  • Techniques and methodologies
  • Available technologies
  • Planning

Nevertheless, no matter how important those factors might be, the key that determines the success of a project is the team of people responsible for its fulfillment. In the end, software is made by people, not by machines. This seems pretty obvious, but we usually forget it and we keep on giving more importance to tools, processes and techniques. And what’s the point of having the most expensive and complete tool of the market and applying the newest technique if our team consists of unprepared people, who neither have team spirit nor motivation?[...]

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