Salesforce Spotlight: Passenger Transport

Passenger transport is an industry where Customer Experience is the alpha and the omega. Based on my past with public transport, I remember it clearly: 101% on-time transport was expected and anything below that simply wasn’t good enough in the eyes of the customer. That being said, experience showed that great customer service, well-informed staff and correct information made a world of difference in how the customer experience turned out. That is precisely the reason why it makes sense to match Salesforce with the Passenger Transport industry, given that overview, information and efficiency makes a huge difference.

To ensure that you get value from this post, I’ll just mention a few industry references, namely:  New Jersey Transit, Delta Airlines and KLM. The latter, KLM, achieved their goal of 24/7 service and 1 hour response time. Delta achieved transparency and cross-company collaboration in their sales work. NJ Transit reduced their response time with an astonishing 57% and increased their sales capacity with 200%. In other words, there are lots of statistics to draw on, but first, let’s get an overview.

The industry’s market

Typically, passenger transport is connected to high volume (in Denmark, the S-trains have about 350.000 passengers on a daily basis – a lot in a 5.5 million population). The core service is operating transport. The core product gets a person from A to B, most often connected to a specific destination. A special category of customers are commuters, i.e. people who use the product to get to and from work. Based on the New Jersey Transit case, I have a thesis about the system environment – namely that it is very fragmented and influenced by legacy systems, given that most transportation companies have been around for a while. This can make a 360 degree overview of customer data and operational messages hard to come by.[...] Read the full blog post over on SogetiLabs.

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