Scalable Database Solutions for Multi Tenant Applications – The Rise of NoSQL

The continual increase in unstructured Big Data from the Internet of Things, the changeable requirements for developing successful mobile apps and the trend for user-generated content are paving the way for NoSQL databases to prove their value.

Relational databases will still be useful for managing more structured, uniform data sets, but they don’t possess the flexibility, agility, scalability and analytics capabilities of NoSQL database management systems. For example, multi-tenant applications such as popular games like Vainglory and Game of Thrones, require developers to make frequent feature updates and specific changes to individual characters for creating interesting capabilities to keep users interested. Similarly, as an increasing number of businesses undertake more Agile projects or undergo digital transformations, updates need to be made to enterprise apps much more quickly. The fixed schema in relational databases does not lend itself to this rapid process of continuous innovation.

Benefits of NoSQL

The main benefits that NoSQL databases bring to multi tenant applications are:

  • Faster iterations permitted by dynamic schema that accommodate real time and other unstructured data by enabling rapid changes and constant updates, without any adverse effect to the entire database [...]


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