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Wearables: Life Savers and Life Enhancers Part 1

When we think of wearable technology we may likely picture futuristic scenes with Star Trek communicator badges or visors as the characters in the stories explore strange new worlds, seek out new life or advanced civilizations.

The Potential of Wearable Tech

However, the potential of wearable technology is within reach to make life much better for those on our planet in developing regions that historically have not had access to advanced technological capabilities.  So what exactly makes wearables so compelling for life in developing economies?

The primary characteristics of wearable technology that are beneficial are the following:

  • Low-cost – cheap electronics with sensors and networking capabilities that can be mass produced make it feasible to distribute in developing economies.
  • Low-power – low power consumption is critical for sustainability in areas where power generation is very low or practically non-existent.
  • Low-bandwidth – wearable devices can transmit compact messages in burst-like communication using simple protocols over radio transmission.
  • Wearable form factor – light-weight electronic sensors and communications modules can be worn like a wristband or embedded in clothing.
  • Compact display – visual feedback can be delivered using compact, low-power LED displays.
  • Computational power – on-board circuitry enables execution of commands and data processing. [...]


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