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Wearables: Life Savers and Life Enhancers Part 2

Wearable technology has great potential to increase well-being for populations in developing regions with low-cost, low-powered devices to collect health data at the source, particularly during disasters.

Wearable health

As described earlier, dislocated populations housed in temporary camps can easily become susceptible to outbreaks of diseases and symptomatic illnesses, such as fevers.  Wristbands that monitor vital statistics such as heart rate, body temperature and even body chemistry could provide early detection of any onset of disease and thereby create an opportunity for preventative treatment.

Wearable health monitor displaying heart rate

Another important function that wearables can play is tracking treatments given to patients providing healthcare practitioners with a patient history.  This is valuable data that can be gathered at the source to determine what treatments are being effective and what treatments are not improving the patient’s condition.  Wearable necklaces are in fact being used today to track child vaccinations in some regions.[...]


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