When is the DoD “Done”?

What do you think of “Definition of Done” items like “All source code has been reviewed” or “All user stories have been tested”? I think they are poor, to the point of being useless...

Not everybody agrees with me on that. Actually, these are real life examples, so there are entire Agile teams that disagree with me ;-).

The first time I questioned a DoD, phrased like this, I argued that ‘just doing something’ does not guarantee quality. What if the reviewer’s remarks are not followed up? What if the tests fail?

I very quickly found myself in a rather awkward discussion around ‘others’ knowing what was meant and ‘I’ did not and ‘others’ knowing and trusting each other and, again, ‘I’ did not. Basically, the discussion became very personal with an implicit undertone of “you don’t understand Agile.” It ended very unsatisfactorily and in a bad, almost hostile mood. [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: When is the DoD “Done”?

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