Join us for the World Quality Report 2022-23 Briefing at Sogeti Ireland Office - Dublin

Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders, in which we explore the impact of current and future trends in business and technology.

Our latest event turns the spotlight on the World Quality Report 2022-23 from Capgemini and Sogeti, in partnership with Micro Focus. In it we discover what’s happening in the field of QA and  Testing, what the best practices are, and how organizations can take advantage of them.

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About the World Quality Report


The World Quality Report is the industry’s largest research study providing a comprehensive assessment of the current state of quality engineering practices from around the world, and across different industries. Over the last 14 years, it has tracked and examined the most important trends and developments in quality assurance and testing, by surveying more than 1,750 senior executives globally across multiple sectors and 32 countries.

The World Quality Report provides clear, actionable insight on the factors you’ll be thinking about as part of your QE and wider digital transformation activity, with chapters covering:

  • Quality Orchestration in Agile Enterprises
  • Quality Automation
  • Quality Infrastructure Testing and Provisioning
  • Value Stream Management
  • Test Data Provisioning and Data Validation
  • Quality and Sustainable IT
  • Quality Engineering for Emerging Technologies


When: Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 10:00-12:00

Where: Sogeti Dublin Office, Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Mountjoy, D01 K0Y8

Capgemini and Sogeti are publishing this report with our strategic technology partner Micro Focus. The topics covered are as far-reaching as possible to capture the nuances and trends in the industry, with key findings and recommendations across several key focus areas: agile quality orchestration, value stream management, intelligent automation, test environment provisioning, data quality, sustainable IT, and quality engineering for emerging technologies.

Changing times again

Over the last two editions, we discussed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis – which prompted faster and more impactful IT developments and digital transformation – and how everyone, including the quality engineering and testing functions in organizations, adapted to the new normal.

This year’s edition looks at how we are witnessing an even greater acceleration of that agenda on a global scale across all industries.


The World Quality Report combines expert findings with commentary, examples, and best practices from more than 15 senior executives from various Fortune 500 organizations.

Join us as we discuss key findings in the following core areas:

  • Agile adoption improves time to market, software quality, and overall customer experience.

  • How organizations perceive automation.

  • Enterprise-wide test data management with cloud ensures on-demand data accessibility.

  • The quality attributes for a sustainable application, and how to measure and monitor them effectively.

  • Organizations are adopting value stream management in Agile and DevOps projects.


Meet our Leading International Experts

Carlos Gutiérrez

EMEA and Latam ADM Product Group Leader at Micro Focus

Mark Buenen

Global Leader of Quality Engineering & Testing Services at Capgemini Group


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