Digital Assurance and Testing Services

Ensuring Results and Delivering Value

For Digital Assurance and Testing, we believe any business needs solutions that deliver value and results that drives businesses towards their goals.

At Sogeti, we work with businesses to make that possible. Our independent testing services provide organisations with a way to understand and develop quality in their business, whether that’s through continuous delivery with DevOps, developing agile methodologies, assessing and testing automation and AI, or something completely unique, we’re well placed to deliver.

Best In Class - Local Knowledge Combined With Global Expertise

As one of the leading Digital Assurance and Testing service providers, we offer the best in class for businesses looking for an edge in the market. We help businesses to ensure that the software they have is of the highest quality, whether that’s by delivering a roadmap and being involved at the start of the process or assisting you partway through to push you towards your objectives.

With Sogeti on hand and our array of services that cover simple assessments right through to more complex engagements, we’re on hand to drive you forward. Partnering with Sogeti will mean instant access to:

  • Award winning methodologies
  • Local Expertise and Global Scale
  • Innovation and Value-Added Implementations

Providing Unrivalled Value, Smart Strategies and Measurable Outcomes To Partners

Our leading and proven methodologies allow us to increase customer value and ensure that we can provide our partners with measurable business outcomes, providing a range of services, including:

  • Agile Quality Engineering
  • Test Automation
  • AI Testing
  • Customer Experience Validation
  • Core QA Services
  • SAP Business Assurance

Helping All Businesses To Seize The Opportunities of Digital Assurance and Testing

The true value of Digital Assurance and Testing can’t be understated. At Sogeti, we understand the solutions needed to overcome challenges when it comes to maximising your potential and Digital Assurance and Testing plays a vital role in achieving this goal.

With our local expertise and global scale, we aim to increase capacity and provide all our partners with value for money by giving them access to a skill set they don’t normally have access to. No matter where you’re based, our team is on hand to help strategise, manage and organise your testing - even if it’s just a short-term need. 

We’ve helped to implement time and cost-saving strategies into a wide range of sectors, including financial institutions, organisations in the public sector, transport sector, pharmaceutical companies and many more.

Whether you need help to start a project or require assistance with one that’s underway, Sogeti has the tools and people in place to help - if you have market-specific requests that require out of the box thinking, we’ll find the right solution. 

Automated Testing That Delivers Speed And Efficiency

Want to achieve greater speed and efficiency across your business? Our Test Automation strategies can help you to achieve this and so much more, driving you to your business goals with an easy to implement automated testing procedure. Discover more in our latest whitepaper. Discover why:

  • Reducing the time of the testing cycle is critical for success
  • Why it’s compulsory for organisations to consistently look to improve their offerings
  • How to maintain their standards through the use of test automation

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Case Study: DELL EMC: Realising The Power of Cognitive QA

From the smallest of organisations to one of the biggest, QA and Testing operations are important. Discover how one of the world’s leading technology companies optimised how it operates with our help - reducing the test configuration process and better managing test case planning, reducing the process from two weeks to just a few hours.

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Why Work With Sogeti for Digital Assurance and Testing?

What makes Sogeti different? Local knowledge, combined with global expertise.

At a local level, we understand the everyday challenges you need solutions for, we know the intricacies of the local market, yet have the capability to provide you with global scale. 

At Sogeti, we don’t just tell you how it works and leave you to it, we take accountability and demand that the technology works for you, not against you. We’ll ensure that you aren’t left on your own and our local teams are always within reach should you need a helping hand. 

For Digital Assurance and Testing in Ireland, we understand how it will benefit your business and implement it so that it not only works for you but has real value for your customers as well. No matter how you want to drive your business forward, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have access to the tools and software that you need.

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