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Sogeti is a world leader in innovative, business-driven digital quality assurance and software testing services. As independent and objective testing specialists, our clients call on us when they need long-term strategic testing solutions, as well as the more immediate pragmatic delivery of testing programs. 

As one of the largest testing service providers in Europe and USA Sogeti operates from 15 countries and employs over 17,200 testing professionals worldwide. We have an established track record of over 25 years as a global leader in the delivery of quality assurance and testing services

Why Sogeti for Testing Services? 

  • Our Test & QA business unit is one of the leading and largest independent Software Test & QA services providers in Ireland.
  • Our globally recognised Test Management Approach -  TMap® - is a flexible approach to structured testing which addresses the key issues of quality, time and cost across the entire life-cycle of delivery. 
  • Our test maturity assesment and improvement process - TPI - provides you with a roadmap to more efficient testing.  
  • Our Rightshore® approach enables real business value by delivering client projects with cost and time savings. 
  • Capgemini and Sogeti are recognised leaders in testing by independent information technology research and advisory companies such as; Gartner, Forrester and Ovum. For information relating to these you can view our press releases here.
  • We have Proven Expertise in providing real business value to our clients. You can view our references library here.  

What we deliver

  • Reduce the risk of IT failures 
  • Cut development and maintenance costs - by using our Rightshore® approach. 
  • Reduce time to market - Identified as a key challenge for organisations according to the most recent World Quality Report 2015-16 
  • Improve the quality of deliverables and ongoing QA performance 
  • Meet the requirements of your business - based on our TPI maturity assesment.                        

Our Vision

At Sogeti we believe Testing and Quality Assurance should not be seen as stand-alone disciplines.To achieve highest levels of quality with a minimum of resources they need to be an integral part of a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management approach.Our PointZERO® vision means getting this approach right from the very beginning of the project - the"pointzero". You can read more about this approach here.

Test Methodologies

Recognised globally as an industry thought leader, we are committed to developing world-leading test management - TMap® - and test process improvement methodologies - TPI

As well as this, and in response to the changing testing environment, we have cultivated the essential framework - TMap NEXT®, the world standard for structured testing. This includes more practical examples, increased focus on risk analysis and management input, more information on test infrastructure, and improved descriptions of test design techniques. Also included are; test types for regression, usability, performance, portability and security. This integrated approach across the overall delivery lifecycle helps to ensure that testing services are optimized, business expectations are met and, by working with the client’s delivery team, that knowledge is transferred.

TMap® NEXT - Test management approach methodology has become a worldwide standard as a structured test methodology.

TPI® NEXT - Business Driven Test Process Improvement Model – has become a proven model to chart an organisation’s test maturity and is used worldwide. 

Our Portfolio

Testing and Quality Assurance are strategic enterprise services that Sogeti has provided for more than 25 years. We are continously investing in developing innovative solutions for our clients’ key challenges.

With information backed by industry analysts, Sogeti has one of the most comprehensive Testing and Quality Assurance portfolio of services in the industry. 

We offer the following key solutions; 

How does it work? 

Each solution is tailored to your organisation and is based on Sogeti’s own innovative methodologies that manage business and IT risk and produce identifiable results.

Sector Specific Expertise 

Sogeti works across all disciplines and we have specific testing expertise in a number of different sectors including; 

  1. Banking
  2. Capital Markets 
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Insurance 
  5. Telecom 

Sogeti Testing Academy 

Testing Academy – Our Testing Academy provides cutting-edge online training to our over 12,300 professional testers around the Sogeti and Capgemini world for the benefit of our clients.

If you are interested in any of our services you can make an enquiry below or contact us here. 

Our Testing Service Offerings
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