DevOps Quality Services

DevOps is being embraced by the IT industry as the answer to fulfil the continuous demand from the Business to deliver new and improved IT solutions to end-users and customers at ever increasing speed.

In our view, to begin to realize the benefits promised by the DevOps philosophy, automation of the quality activities is the core enabler of increasing throughput and velocity. Without maximizing automation, the speed at which a team can deploy features is limited by the speed at which the quality activities can be successfully completed. In other words, testing activities, done traditionally will become the constraining factor or the alternative is testing will not be done adequately, therefore putting your organizations reputation at risk.

Dress for success

We believe that four key aspects must be made part of your DevOps process, teams and infrastructure in order to achieve DevOps with the appropriate and fit-for-purpose level of quality:

  1. Implementing an integrated DevOps Quality Approach
  2. Assigning the role of DevOps Quality Engineer to DevOps teams
  3. Providing a coherent yet easy adaptable DevOps Quality Automation Framework
  4. Providing a one-click DevOps Test Environment and Test Data solution to teams

Our point of view "DevOps with Quality" offers concrete solutions that will enable the achievement of the benefits of the DevOps philosophy while minimizing the risk to brand image and user experience.

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To find out how Sogeti’s Testing Services can help your organization achieve its Testing and QA business goals, please contact your local Sogeti testing representative or our top expert Mark Buenen. 

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    Manoj Mudholkar
    Head of QE & Testing